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Training Course Builder

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Your companion to build professional training courses step by step.

Use the 5-step methodology I have built throughout my 10 years experience in the training industry:

1 - Strategise

2 - Design

3 - Build your content

4 - Test & Iterate

5 - Communicate

Each step comes with ready-to-use databases and templates, guiding you thrugh the course creation process step by step.

The system helps you build your training course in a logical sense, starting with the final goal, taking you through content creation, and finally to communication.

What's inside:

✅ Advanced navigation between the 5-steps to help you build your course from A to Z

✅ Embedded templates at each step (Strategy canvas, Tasks & Concerns, Key messages, Structure, Training Activities, Test Sheets, Pre-launch checklist, Communication plan)

✅ Create multiple course at a time with the course navigation mnenu on the left

✅ Detailed instructions with tipsi and pedagogical advice to build for impact

✅ 4 databases: Key messages, Chapters, Learning Activities, Communication plan

✅ Formula checks if the real durations exceeds the planned duration

✅ Training video on how to use the Course Creator

✅ Example course to see the Course Creator in practice

Release notes

v.1.04 | 9 March ‘23 - Design improvements 🎨

  • New navigation: Navigate more easily from one course to another, without too much info on every screen.
  • Removed the “synced block” title as it creates issues when duplicating the templates ⇒ keeping it clean.

v.1.03 | 15 October ‘22 - More options & views 👀

  • You now have more options for your training activities and communication channels.
  • Added database views to easily follow-up the progress of your training projects in step 3 - Build your content.
  • Added an example course on Notion fundamentals to see the creator in action.

v.1.02 | 27 September ‘22 - V1 is now live 🚀

  • Easily create a new course creator with the embedded template. Navigate between different steps from each course page. Create multiple courses at a time - easily navigate with the navigation bar on the left. Complete instructions to use each step. Detailed video on How to use the Course Creator.

v.1.01 | 13 Sep ‘22 - the Beta is out ✨

  • The Training Course Creator is available to download in Beta! Building a quality course starts with thinking about what the learners should take from your course. Join the beta to test the methodology that takes your step by step from strategy to launch.

How to use the Training course Builder?

  1. This is a Notion template. Get Notion (this template works on both Free and Premium accounts).*
  2. Once you get the template, duplicate it to your own Notion space.
  3. Delete the example courses in the database
  4. Start building your course by adding a new course with the button "New"
  5. Follow the steps and help others grow ✨

Want more details? Check the 2-minute video where I take you through the builder:

*For full disclosure, I'm a Notion Partner, so when you sign up with my link, you also help support me and my content!

Can you share the page with your colleagues / friends?

If someone else would like to use the Training Courses Builder dashboard, please forward them to my page so they can get their own copy 🙌🏼.

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Training Course Builder

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