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R.I.C.E. Prioritisation Framework - Notion & Google Sheets

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R.I.C.E. Prioritisation Framework - Notion & Google Sheets

You have several ideas in mind but only a limited time to work on each project. How do you select the projects to work on?

Prioritise! Use the ICE scoring model to create a system of comparison between different projects and decide what you or team should focus one.

What is the RICE Framework?

The RICE method is a prioritisation framework that originated in product management, possibly at Intercom. It has been widely used in project, product, content, and any team that really has to build anything. The purpose is to assign quantitative measures to projects competing for resources in your team, define what matters most for you, and choose the best option among several possibilities.

How to use the framework?

  1. List down the projects or activities you need to prioritise between.
  2. Assign scores for the Reach (how many people will it impact), level of Impact, level of Confidence of success, and the Effort (n resources) it will take.
  3. The "Score" column will automatically calculate the combination of the values you had put for each project.
  4. The numerical value will allow you to compare projects objectively and decide which one to choose.
  5. Enjoy making the right decisions.

➡️ How to use the R.I.C.E. framework for Notion or Google Sheets?

  1. Choose the right format: Notion or Google Sheets
  2. Duplicate the template
  3. Fill in the ideas information 
(Reach / Impact / Confidence / Effort)
  4. Compare the R.I.C.E. Score 
(automatically calculated)

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R.I.C.E. Prioritisation Framework - Notion & Google Sheets

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