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Project Management Center & Complete Toolkit

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🏞 The story behind the Project Center:

When I joined a French scale-up 5 years ago, the word “project management” made my colleagues shiver. I quickly understood that the classical PM processes and documentation won’t work. I adapted what I knew to the techy, startup environment and collaborative culture and built a system to manage multiple projects in our department.

The comments I received were “Oh my, this is professional”. But also “This is too long to fill in”. So I divided my project templates in two: one for complex, and one - for simple projects.

I further improved the system when I changed jobs. As I moved to a more senior role with more impact in the company, it required better communication and clarity over the work in progress.

Here is the result of my project work during the past 3 years which was used for > 100 projects.

🎁 What’s inside:

A central project portfolio database with prepared views, and ready-to-use project portals:

-> Complex project portal

-> Simple project page

In more detail:

Complex project portal:

-> Structured home page with project documents, meeting notes and schedule.

-> Ready-to-use templates - brief, interviews, scope, roles, timeline, meeting notes

-> Key areas included to lead your project to successful completion.

Simple project portal:

-> Add the key information about the project

-> Meeting notes list with template

-> Include the work-in-progress work

-> Link the final result

⚙️ How to use:

  1. This is a Notion template. Get Notion (this template works on both Free and Premium accounts).*
  2. Duplicate the template to your personal Notion space.
  3. Remove the sample projects from the view
  4. Open a new page and choose either the "Complex" or "Simple" project portal
  5. Start filling in the information about your project
  6. Share with your co-workers
  7. Clearly communicate that this is the central page of your projects and is the source of truth.

*For full disclosure, I'm a Notion Partner, so when you sign up with my link, you also help support me and my content!

ℹ️ This template is also part of the comprehensive Manager OS for Notion (30+ templates and portal for Recruitment, Onboarding, Project management, calendars, agendas, and more).

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Project Management Center & Complete Toolkit

11 ratings
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