The Manager Journal for Google Sheets [Beta]

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End the year with a bang and start the new one with a plan!

The Managers Journal is a practical tool designed to enhance the effectiveness of team leadership and management. It provides a structured and systematic approach for recording, analysing, and acting upon various team-related events and individual performances.

This template is ideal for managers, team leaders, and HR professionals seeking to foster a proactive and reflective management style.


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Key Features:

  1. Event categorisation: Easily categorise team events into achievements, challenges, conflicts, and exceptional performances for quick identification and analysis.
  2. Impact assessment: Assess and record the impact of each event on team dynamics, morale, and project progress, helping you to prioritise and tailor your managerial responses.
  3. Detailed record-keeping: Maintain a clear log of events with fields for date, detailed descriptions, additional notes, and initial responses, ensuring comprehensive documentation.
  4. Follow-Up actions: Identify and track necessary follow-up actions, whether it's further support, conflict resolution, or recognition, promoting accountability and continuous improvement.
  5. Outcome tracking: Monitor the outcomes and effectiveness of management actions, aiding in refining strategies and approaches over time.
  6. Personalised Management: Track individual team member involvement and contributions, aiding in personalised feedback and development.
  7. Reflective Practice: Encourage reflective management practices, allowing for learning from past experiences and applying insights to future scenarios.

βš™οΈ How to use:

  1. This is a Google Sheets template. The automations will not work with Excel (we are preparing an excel version for the official launch.
  2. Duplicate the template to your Google Drive. Open :)
  3. Log observations and situations in the "Log in team events" sheet.
  4. Use the 2 analytical sheets before 1:1 meetings, performance review sessoins, or strategic planning meetings to analyse and adapt your feedback.

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The Manager Journal for Google Sheets [Beta]

3 ratings
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