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People development tools

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For People Managers, Business Owners, and HR professionals.

A collection of tools to help you develop the skills of your teams.

Use the Individual development plan to:

-> empower your team members to define their development priorities

-> help them take ownership of their learning

-> guide them to the right resources and stretch assignments to grow in their career

Use the strenghts map to:

-> identify where each team member excels

-> use a common vocabulary within your team

Use the skills gap analysis to:

-> identify development priorities for each team member and the team as a whole

-> have a one-page view you can share with other leads or your HR colleagues to define people priorities in your strategy

ℹ️ This template is also part of the comprehensive Manager OS for Notion (30+ templates and portal for Recruitment, Onboarding, Project management, calendars, agendas, and more).

🪡 How to use this template with your team:

  1. This is a Notion template. Get Notion (this template works on both Free and Premium accounts).*
  2. Duplicate the template to your Notion space. Keep it private!
  3. Use the existing page, or generate a new page with the template button.
  4. Adapt each of the templates to your team (add the names of your team members, create custom views).
  5. Share the page with the relevant team member (careful, the skills gap analysis should stay confidential).

🎁 What’s inside:

  1. Three ready-to-use templates to develop the skills of your team: personal growth plan, strengths map, skills gap analysis
  2. Explanation on how to use the templates .
  3. Template button to recreate the templates every time you need a fresh start.

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People development tools

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