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Team Activities Box - 30+ ideas for better team collaboration, decision making and problem solving

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Introducing the ultimate toolkit to build performing teams - the Team Activity box!

๐Ÿ“ฆ What's included?

With over 30 original, tried and tested activities, you'll have everything you need to build strong, cohesive teams that can reach ambitious goals.

Each activity comes with detailed explanations, making it easy to facilitate, whether you're a people manager or a project manager.

The activities are divided in 6 main objectives:

  1. Ice breaker / Energiser (4 activities)
  2. Topic introduction (5 activities)
  3. Team cohesion (5 activities)
  4. Innovation (6 activities)
  5. Improve decision making (3 activities)
  6. Better communication (6 activities)

You can easily focus on a specific objective thanks to the embedded navigation.

๐Ÿ“ How I built the Team Activities Box?

I am passionate about the energy of a group. When I started my career, I had the chance to work with creative professionals who used numerous tools and techniques to stir innovation, solve team conflicts, and build cohesion in project and hierarchical teams.

Throughout the years, I tested more ideas from books about active training, workshop facilitation, innovation, or team communication. The result is my personal selection of my favourite activities which showed most results with my teams.

๐Ÿชก How to use this template with your team:

  1. The Acitivites box is built on Notion but you don't need Notion to be able to visualise it.
  2. If you want to duplicate and customise some activities for your teams, or add new ideas, you can duplicate the template to your Notion space. Get Notion (this template works on both Free and Premium accounts).*
  3. Choose a goal you want to achieve with your team, and select an activity you want to put in place in your next team building, or working session.
  4. Prepare the activity, put it in place, and debrief the experience with your team. Repeat :)

*For full disclosure, I'm a Notion Partner, so when you sign up with my link, you also help support me and my content!

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Team Activities Box - 30+ ideas for better team collaboration, decision making and problem solving

6 ratings
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