The First 30 Days: A practical kit for new managers (Free ebook + templates)

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The First 30 Days as a People Manager - Your Essential Guide + 4 templates

Are you stepping into the world of management for the first time? Do you want to make a lasting, positive impact in your first month? Look no further! Introducing "The First 30 Days as a People Manager" - your comprehensive kit designed to guide you through the crucial initial phase of your management journey.

🎁 What’s inside:

5 Key Actions: Tailored strategies to understand and bond with your team.

Practical Templates: Streamline your management tasks with our customisable templates.

Expert Tips: Learn from business leaders to avoid common pitfalls.

Interactive Exercises: Engage your team with thoughtful, fun activities.

Whether it’s building team cohesion, setting ground rules, or establishing efficient rituals, this guide has you covered. Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to confident, effective leadership from day one!

👀 What You'll Discover:

Personalised Approach: Learn how to connect with each team member on a deeper level.

Operational Mastery: From organising team events to regular meetings, master the art of managing operations smoothly.

Cultural Architect: Craft a team culture that resonates with everyone.

Innovative Management: Implement modern management techniques that foster creativity and collaboration.

ℹ️ This template is a great companion of the comprehensive Manager OS for Notion (30+ templates and portal for Recruitment, Onboarding, Project management, calendars, agendas, and more).

Do you want to up your management game? Join the ManagerCorner for practical models, more templates, and the ultimate manager guide that every manager should read - all for free.

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The First 30 Days: A practical kit for new managers (Free ebook + templates)

3 ratings
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